A Trapped Way For Wisdom

by Vielikan

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released December 29, 2010

Produced by Fedor Souissi Kovalevsky
Music and lyrics by Fedor Souissi Kovalevsky
Recorded and mixed by Fedor Souissi Kovalevsky at Marsh Prod
Cover artwork illustration by Dharma Myriam Zéramdini
Dharma's facebook page : www.facebook.com/DMZ.artwork
Cover design and layout by Fedor Souissi Kovalevsky


tags: metal Tunis


all rights reserved


Vielikan Tunis, Tunisia

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Track Name: The Beginning of all Remorse
A choice, one path
A wish, one mistake
All these notions formed by sick ambitions
Feeding sickness, eating sins
An evolution for the mind's unholy nourishment
Vanity, the demon's symbol in me...

Being followed by the flesh
Desires "ou of control" are excuses
A cover to justify the state
A dirt one invited to rot in hell

Satan, Lucifer, or whatever his foolish name is
His evil textures are prays of my will
For every step of each God creation
Is made of flesh and blood

Forgetting will not be forgiven

An introduction to see what is coming
Nothing for someone with blinded eyes
Nothing for a seeker of common pleasure
Nothing for one possessed by a liar

Giving speeches for my divided self
Seeking a cocoon for my soul
Killing emotions is the only freedom
Wisdom is a void that I shall quench

I beg sickness with blessed curses
To free me from this painful torment
To the void, the vault for shelters
Reason destroyed by emotions
I have chosen to petrify them forever
Killing her, she will know a vertiginous fall...

I am not even able to look at myself
A face full of lies and treacheries
I built an empire of hate with love
Her guts regenerated my corrupted body
Seeing her wounds on my soul
Drinking her blood to consume emotions

The beginning of all remorse...

I succeeded the first step
Finding a path for wisdom
Worms fed by my rotten flesh
The Great One is forgotten

As the path is open
My journey begins here
Shaping dreams for dreams
For the black marsh is near now

Opening the portal for the emotional void
Perceiving senses that corrupt my knowledge
An ethereal travel is the fate
And failure shall never be

Release my from my flesh
Let her drown in crimson tears

As the path is open...
Track Name: A Shelter of Flesh in the Void
The sacred shrine stolen,
I found the rose in the gloom surrounded by boiled blood
Coldest memories beholding my mind
This path of being cursed marked the mist of her face

The power of nature scribed a replica of my own opposite
Seeing all my wounds on it
I searched for new lies to appease her when,
Crimson clouds of despair gathered all emotions
A whisper that takes form
Vision is now blurred

Razor wind lashed my face
I became the greatest coward in these woods of my bleeding
She made everything to keep my fears at safe
Where all demons are amused by evoking her lies

I became the one marked with endless pain
The desire to escape and hide was unavoidable
By creating in the deepest depths of the abyss
A shelter made of my own flesh

I've now reached the glory of my thoughts
Living behind the cursed pattern sickening my mind
I left this doomed world tainting my reason
Finally, gaining time to restore my self
It is my precious gift that shall never be lost...
I am now the master of mt spirit, controlling them
For sense them, demons surrounding me
In this shelter, I could curse any evil form

No...I realised that this shell where her soul
I saw the first leaf falling
A golden stream engulfed this world
Enlightened by the poor light of a dying sun
I was floating in her soul's blood
Restoring my self from the emptiness

I was the one who thought no more
I was the one who felt no more
I was the one who no longer desired anything
I was the one who discovered the real state of rot...

The image of the frozen time dispelled
The season is killed by winter
A forgotten realm collapsed by ice
My face engulfed by a blizzard of her guts

The beginning of all remorse was exposed
A construction of the evolving mayhem
Creations made of flesh, pleasures made of flesh
Flesh everywhere, look at yourself

They were smiling, exalting themselves
I was forced to see these creatures feeding
Eating my rose, I was him...
Track Name: Zero Affection
Hope would never bring anything
When believing it hurts and creates illusions
Attachments cover reality
Dreams are a poison the human being loves

He found the key to lock it,
That door opening to a gloomy but charming chamber
That he named "emotions and dreams"
Leaving behind senses and anything that could bring hope

Without any regrets, gaining time and new ideas,
He destroyed the key, travelling to the south
Diving into comprehension, satisfying himself
Forgetting senses and what could emote him

Pictures of nasty wishes
Are reflecting his emptiness

Time changed its pattern and form
A gift was done from the dying sun
A dark crying heart that could release him
Burning in his hands he was the keeper

The gift was useless for emotions were sealed
He never felt this heart, zero affection
Leaving it mercilessly
Thus, being embraced by the sun's weak lights

Carnal pleasure, lust and sex
Are notions haunting the human mind
Trapping him and wasting his time
Senses create emotions, emotions lead to the flesh

He crafted a useless shield
He locked himself in a jail called "void"
He could never understand that,
The emotional void is a trapped way for wisdom

Falling is your only choice
Everything left behind is unforgiving
Now you understand
You can celebrate your failure

He sealed what you once called "passion"
He brought him-self false knowledge
Reaching the glory of his ashes
Dying, his soul rotting forever

Void burned and scarred his face
Your mind is full of confusion
Laughing at yourself
Exhuming your forgotten past
Crying for him
Tears are feeding his black marsh…
Track Name: Black Marsh
It was true, I could not forget it
The moon betrayed both of us
By summoning the cold winter
You left everything away infecting my blood
Stealing my heart and jailing it
Locking it in your sacred tears of silence…The Black Marsh

For I gave you my soul
But all of our feelings were unspoken

Imaginations and dreams swallowed you
Crushed by the kiss of that snake
The smoke suffocated my mind
And darkness embraced our dawn

You’ve reached the portal of thoughts
Traveling through the mind’s ethereal dimensions
Discovering that horrible swamp of our creation
Where stars were nothing but only lamentations

Please listen to my screams
It is for you that I became a messenger
A wanderer of the night
Guided by the wind’s whisper of humanity
You must realize that your spirit is held
In the darkest forest where woods cry for your doom
How could I save a hidden spirit?
How could I fix what time already destroyed in this black marsh?

I know I begging you with empty words
I know you will not walk further
I know you will not drink unholy water
I know that stars are listening to me
I know, I know, I know…

Wrong was I to fight for a lost being
You will find those creatures devouring you slowly
I warned you, but you love this place
The black marsh still haunts my mind

Seven, the number of my curse
Darkening once again the book of our memories
Why am I shedding all my tears for you,
When your immortal smile is held frozen?

Standing before me with that vicious creature
You don’t even imagine the pain I feel
I will await you forever and fall alone
And with my wrath the storm will blow one day

Return from the marsh
Return to my sea
Track Name: A Vertiginous Fall
Hard to distinguish a truth in the black marsh
In a unforgettable time, a completed age
Dreams for dreaming and nothing around, only void
She did not understand what she felt

Her soul’s blood was flowing through her eyes
Eyes perceiving only her forgotten desire
Emotional confusion, sorrow and hopeless wishes
He led her poor and weak soul to a vertiginous fall

Knowing it was too late, she was loosing hope
Time stole the charm. It was sealed forever
It was too far but it always haunted her
She felt herself bucolic, alcoholic, nostalgic

She thought life betrayed her
She wished to pass the chrysalis state
She intended to live even if she could not
But he dominated her mind’s lesser thoughts

Along the long and hardest road
Along deepest veins of blood
Through your highest wave
Against pain I inflicted
Many cries and many broken dreams
Followed by helpless and hopeless screams
In every tainted and dark day
We fell apart in a different way

She was a rotten fruit made of stain and worms were devouring her
Her belly opened, gaping, her organs dispersed everywhere
A rotted malicious flesh near an empty, forgotten, murdered lake
She was a corpse made of morbid thoughts

She created an intense rage destroying her
Thinking it will lighten her to reach freedom
In a dirty, balmy, unholy place
Unable to leave a world she created

She was proudly vomiting the symbol of her unappeased dreams
She wished to kill him slowly, stamping on his face
She wished to tear out his life, imprisoning his soul
Like the drain, she was dry of tears

A fiendish angel made her collapse
She lived through destructive passion in agony
She fell in love with a lost being
She thought she found him again, but it was the end

Никогда не верь глазам,
Не верь, что слышишь, не верь другому
Спаси себя, спаси душу,
Спаси своё гнилое сердце
Сколько слёз пролилось,
Сколько ждать, чтобы быть свободным
Закапывай все эти чувства
Забудь про всё и убегай
Track Name: Celestial Autumn
I feel the holy sign within my dying heart...
I feel the black marsh consuming its forces...

A precious faith returned to me
My soul once in torment is now appeased
From my ashes I rise
The divine season has come to me


How many time you've cried for the void
Believing that nature is able to forgive you
Sorrow, and sorrow, and sorrow, and sorrow...
You are lying to yourself when tears are flowing
See and enjoy the lack of human compassion
You all are swimming in each soul to feed yourselves
Borrow, and borrow, and borrow, and borrow
Trading emotions is now your new market

Remorse, the evil crusher flail
Remorse, a birth from my death

Life is too short to justify my mistakes
There is no cause to care of what I shall not hear
I've cried blood tears for the void
A shelter of my own flesh was his gift
Illusion or not, I felt that my path was written
Now that wishes are the key for every loss
I feel the season embracing me
I feel remorse that shall release my soul

Remorse, the evil crusher flail
Remorse, a birth from my death
Remorse evoke the Celestial Autumn

I wish I could return to free your soul
I wish I could heal the pain from your mind
I wish I could revive your dying heart
I wish I could overwhelm your passion
The golden leaf teasing our skins could embrace us
Only when you will show me how to dream

Alone you will be...
Track Name: A Trapped Way For Wisdom
An empty forgotten space...
Where stars of despair are falling from nowhere
Woods of this black marsh raped his corpse
A dead swamp living on tears

Agonizing in the most terrible way
He finally reached the emotional void
The illusion is now dispelled
And wine returns to water

Abyssal remorse engulfed his mind
Faith and hope are left to oblivion
The travel for ethereal dimensions shall not be
For the emotions' portal is dead

Assuming every step of this sickness
It was a waste of time covered with ambitions
The unknown wish to reach divine power and knowledge,
Is a snake whisper that eradicates life
Aware that he was unable to control his evil
He let sickness overwhelm him even more
Loosing the human nature, the human form...
Where demons shall find and enjoy a perfect receptacle

He was like cattle led to the slaughterhouse
A lamb that lets itself get skinned without objection
He was humiliated by his own pervert will
Only in death shall he finally admit his fault

Waiting for peaceful fear
Rejecting all researches and wishes
Gifted by the instant truth
He found himself choosing the unholy path

A trapped way for wisdom
Is the fruit of all his remorse
A trapped way for wisdom
Is a gracious necessity to release corruption

The trap is the flesh in any of its forms
Thus, failure is the only help for the weak one
Scars witness and justify a foolish might
Make disorder to create order

The final chapter has finally decided to come
And time shall be the only healer...

A tool that refuses the truth of what he cannot see
Devices of pain, a generator of despair
From brain to heart, the connection to sickness
All are cursed where some are saved... The others are fools

Everything is symbols, even nothing
You shall not know, only one could